The face of eco fashion is on the move. Gone are the days when you must sport a hessian sack and pallid colours to do your bit for the planet. We now have access to smart techno-fabric made with ECONYL® yarn which ticks all the boxes. This is the ultimate sustainable material, it is also soft, durable, luxurious and extremely high performance

With ECONYL® fibre being utilised in sustainable collections by the likes of Adidas, Stella McCartney and Levis, WeAreNativ certainly is in good company

The ECONYL® Regeneration System is a unique chemical and mechanical process that allows the creation of regenerated yarn from waste, keeping the same purity and characteristics of Nylon coming from fossil raw material. With this yarn, numerous textile products can be created with a double advantage for the environment

Essentially, the oceans are cleaned of the bad stuff, the bad stuff is turned into nylon fibre ECONYL®, which in turn is made into exceptional and beautiful fabric to create our equally unique pieces of WAN

Process bluA4_web.png

Head over to the ECONYL® site to learn more about their process, check out case studies and the other innovative and interesting products that have been made with this incredible fibre