WeAreNativ is born of a genuine desire to reduce our impact on the natural world one bikini at a time; beginning with the meticulous work invested by our founder, to ensure the brand is sustainable and ethically positive down to the very last stitch on each item in the range. With this being the case the brand stands for an “anti-fast fashion” message and so goes against the grain of what has become a truly harmful cycle of fashion design and production both for the environment and also for the people working within the industry. 

At every step of the way in creating the brand we have asked the question “can we do this better” and decisions have been made from start to finish to put health ahead of wealth when it comes to the product and the impact the business has socially. We are not perfect and do not aim to preach but we try our best keep the message and product both honest and positive through the following processes and steps:

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  • We produce where possible using recycled or regenerated and sustainable fabrics along with production/printing processes

  • We are an anti fast fashion brand; our main collection remains at full price all year and we don’t follow the grain in terms of seasonal discounting; from launch we are building the first tribe of swim products in our core collection that will be the DNA of the brand. Trends may come and go and we work hard to stay current, but do not compromise the brand ethics or aesthetics in favour of following trends and styles. Instead of a seasonal sale we offer our customers discounts at selected time of year, occasional sample sale events for our followers and special rewards all year long. 

  • We produce in short runs ensuring no styles are produced in excess resulting in no waste fabric or product

  • We aim to establish a year long trans-seasonal collection of swimwear for the global customer; the sun shines all year long across different areas of the globe and we follow our customers to each of their sunny international destinations be that in December or July, you can find WAN in a boutique where the sun is shining throughout the year. We also ship globally for free from our own site to ensure all customers can buy swimwear any time 

  • We create each item in the collection with durability and longevity in mind, crafting timeless designs and styles that will both last and look good for a lifetime. Our fabrics, construction and designs are made to last and so all pieces in the core collection are fully lined and thereby designed to keep their shape. We offer suggestions on how to care for your pieces so that they will last and we pride ourselves on fantastic customer interaction and service via all channels 

  • We actively encourage individuality through styling and offer new and innovative ways to wear and style or customise our designs to get the most from your purchase. We uphold the statement “Buy Less, Wear More” and will be adding styles to the range to offer multi-use for our swim styles and pieces. 

  • Our swimwear packaging is fully bio-degradable so when you are done using it to keep your pieces safe or carry them wet in your bag, it will disintegrate and disappear without a trace

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