WAN Wolves Scheme T’s & C’s


1. We would consider working with influencers with at least 100,000 social followers or more. However, if you feel you have something else of interest to offer, please feel free to apply on that basis

2. Upon acceptance into the WAN Wolves tribe, you would be furnished with the following exclusive benefits:

  • 20% discount for all of your own purchases, which would be attached automatically to your member login (for your own purchases, you would be limited to a total of 15 bikinis or WANpieces per month)
  • Your unique friends & followers discount code which would allow your followers to take advantage of a 15% discount on all WeAreNativ products
  • Your own discount would be increased based on the amount of sales received through your friends & followers code - e.g. after 30 sales, it would go up to 25%, after 50 it would increase again to 30%, and so on up to a total of 50% after 100 sales
  • You would receive select pieces of free WeAreNativ merchandise (link), including bags, baseball caps, t-shirts etc. You would receive at least two pieces of merch (link) simply for becoming a part of the WAN Wolves tribe. After that, what you receive would be based on the amount of sales made through your friends & followers code - e.g. we would send you either a shopper bag or a baseball cap (your choice) after the first 10 sales, after the first 20 you would receive something else of your choosing, e.g. a t-shirt. This will increase as sales are received through your code
  • After the first 50 sales through your friends & followers code, you would receive a free bikini or WANpiece

3. As a Wolf, you would be a permanent feature on our WANWeb (link) which would be directly linked to your Instagram account, allowing visitors to hop straight onto your page to check out what you’ve been up to

4. Based on your relationship with WeAreNativ, you would be considered for our monthly feature ‘WAN Wolves of the month’, which will not only bring you extra exposure through our own social channels, WANWeb (link) and newsletters, but could also win you a WANpiece or bikini or your choosing (which would be awarded to ‘the’ Wolf of the Month) or a special piece of merch and an extra discount

5. You would receive invitations to all of our events, including fashion shows and launch parties, eco-based events like a Bali Beach Clean, or Ibiza fundraiser. You could also be invited to get involved at one of our photoshoots, or even paid as a model for special campaigns

6. Of course, you would be treated as a VIP and would benefit from special offers designed specifically for our WAN Wolves

7. For all of the above benefits, we would only ask that you post on your social account one recently shot image per month of yourself wearing a WANpiece or bikini, accompanied by your friends & followers discount code. The image can be the same piece in a different setting every month if you wish, so no need to break the bank buying new pieces.